Who Made The First Watch

The first watch is said to have been made by Peter Henlein. In the 15th century, he was a clockmaker, locksmith, and craftsman who created the first watch. He was born in Nuremberg, Germany.

Nuremberg is where Peter was born and raised. He was knowledgeable and began working as a locksmith. Clockmaking was a new field at the time, and locksmiths stepped in to fill the gap with their skills and tools.

Peter eventually got a deeper understanding of clockmaking over time. He began creating little spring-powered portable watches soon after, and he became renowned as the “Father of Modern Clocks.” These were fashionable and were quite expensive. The were worn as pendants or affixed to garments. Small watches became quite popular later on.

Charles II made the waistcoat trendy when German clockmaker Peter Henlein invented the watch, resulting in a demand for the pocket watch. Following this, watches began to evolve, resulting in increasingly tiny and slender forms. Watches with chains were fashionable later.

Watches were unreliable and expensive back then, with only the hour hand telling time. Watches were more fashionable than utilitarian at the time, and this trend continued for several years.

Rolex and other wristwatch manufacturers first appeared in the early 1900s. The New York Times published an article in 1916 claiming that timepieces are more than a fad. This article caused a sea change in perceptions, and the wristwatch surpassed the pocket watch in popularity.

Wristwatches Were Invented

The first wristwatch’s invention is a contentious topic. Many people believe Patek Philippe invented the first wristwatch in 1868. Watches were first worn by women in the nineteenth century, but males did not begin to wear them until the First World War. Watches were used by watchmen to keep track of the hours of their shifts while working, hence the name. Wristwatches later became popular among troops, who found them to be the most practical method to keep track of time.

The Watch’s Timeline

Timepieces got increasingly accurate as technology advanced, and new advances in watches were observed across time. Here are some of the pivotal years in terms of technological advancements:


In 1892, Omega created the first minute-repeating watch. It was a Swiss watch manufacturer.


Wilsdorf and Davis, which later became Rolex, was founded in London in 1905.


In 1908, Rolex was founded.


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